Kapten Café Mini White Portion Snus

Kapten Café Mini White Portion Snus

“complement my morning cup of coffee very well”

Did you know that Sweden is one of the biggest coffee drinking country in the world?

We love that hot, roasted dark drink more than anything, and we’re proud of it! Maybe it’s because of the winters we have, the long season of darkness when we rarely see the sunlight. We need our coffee to get us through the days.
Also, ”fika”, is something we do very often; meeting up at a café to hang out, drink coffee or tea and eat a cinnamon bun or a cookie. I love the concept, it’s so easy yet so cozy.

That’s why I was thrilled to try coffee-flavoured snus. How could you go wrong with that? Actually though, this snus smells more like sweet hot chocolate, or sweet latte of some sort. I don’t drink latte anymore, that was the young Sara who just started drinking coffee and didn’t know any better (not hating on you latte-lovers out there).

Since the pouches are mini I had to take two at a time to fill my quota. Kapten Café Mini White Portion don’t taste that much of coffee to be honest, but in some way they complement my morning cup very well. I don’t think I will use these any other time except for when I drink coffee, that means the pouches get wet faster so I could only keep them in for about 30 minutes. The amount of nicotine is 5mg/g, which is a normal amount and I felt it kick in after ten minutes or so. Or maybe it was the coffee that made me more alert, I don’t know… maybe the combination?

I had pretty high hopes for this snus, and I was a bit disappointed. But hey, nothing is as good as a fresh cup of black coffee and a classic tobacco pouch. I will stick with that 🙂

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Offroad Melon Mini White Portion

Offroad Melon Mini

“I have to say guys… this is gold”

As you can tell by the name these pouches are small. I have not used mini-snus since my first couple of years when I first started using snus. At that time we called it “tjejsnus” which in english translates to girl-snus. I think they started to make mini pouches so it would also be “appropriate” for girls to start buying and using it. Who gives an eff today, seriously? Everyone can and should use snus, since it’s delicious.

Offroad Melon Mini White Portion is a really good snus. I took two at the same time because otherwise it would disappear under my lip and get lost somewhere haha. I’m not that fond of snus with flavor anymore but this, I must say, is a hit. It smells like melon gum, it got that nice hint of classic tobacco and it sits well under the lip. White portion means minimal drip, the best kind of drip in my opinion.

I recently got the “privilege” to try extremely strong snus, so the Offroad was a real vacation so to speak. Beacause the pouches are smaller, ofcourse it will be less nicotine. But as I did take two at the same time I guess it’s more like a regular pouch. The nicotine kicked in after about 10 minutes or so, and I could keep it in for about 45 minutes.

I was thinking about writing a joke in the style of “oh, they really got offroad with this one” before trying it, but I have to say guys… this is gold.


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Skruf Super White #2 Cassice

Skruf Super White #2 Cassice

“cooling sensation and a pleasantly fruity Blackcurrant flavor”

Hey guys hope youre all well today! I have a review of Skruf super white #2 Cassice for you all!

The can is nice and simple in design like all Skruf Snus cans which I have come to appreciate over time.

On opening the can you are met by a beautiful Blackcurrant smell with hints of licorice as well, and tiny amounts of menthol being hinted at. It’s very pleasant and summery smell which I really enjoy.

When you pop a portion under your lip you are greeted by a nice cooling sensation and a pleasantly fruity Blackcurrant flavor witch isn’t too swee. It does taste natural and after a while you can notice the menthol esque flavors in the background but they are not overly noticeable and definitely don’t take away from the amazing Blackcurrant flavor. The flavor itself I found lasted for about an hour and barely produced a noticeable drip if any at all.

Now I myself do have a soft spot when it comes to Skruf as it was the first ever Snus I tried but I do tend to swing towards something with a fair bit more kick than this one in particular.

With all that said this still scores a comfortable

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Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Slim Portion

Siberia Slim Red White Dry

“Siberia is one of the strongest snus there is”

Remember when I said the Black Line snus was the strongest I’d ever tried? Forget you ever heard those words from me.

Siberia is one of the strongest snus there is. And holy moly, is it strong. I read somewhere that one pouch of Sibera equals five “regular” pouches, isn’t that crazy?!

I got to try the Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Slim Portion, and I’m emphasizing on TRYING because I’m never going to be able to use this snus regularly. Just after a few minutes I felt like I’d gone mad, the nicotine got to my head so freaking fast. Also, you get that lip sting right away because it has a strong taste of mint. Which is really refreshing ofcourse, but gosh it burns! The pouches are, as the name states, white dry slim – which is my favorite kind so they get an extra plus for that.

It’s pretty clear why they call this snus Siberia, cause it certainly gets you thinking about the extremely harsh weather conditions in that area of Russia (even though I have never been there, I have actually played a totally awesome PC game called Siberia).

I never got to see how long I could keep it in before it got too moist, sorry about that guys.

You’ll just have to try it for yourself, if you dare.



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Nordic spirit true white mint

Nordic Spirit Mint

“a wonderful crisp menthol flavor”

Hey guys today I have a review of Nordic spirit true white mint for you all.

The can have a very appealing clean look and feel to them which I really liked.  Which features a cool wood like effect on the label.

On opening the can you are greeted by a wonderful crisp menthol flavor with a hint of sweet peppermint to it.

When you pop one under your lip you are greeted by a wonderful cooling sensation and a great taste of peppermint and menthol with undertones of licorice. The flavor lasts for about an hour which is pretty good. And I didn’t notice a drip for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

Overall I was impressed with the flavor of this Snus but it did lack in the strength department for myself personally.

I give it a 

/ Matt

— this product is unfortunately not available at Northerner anymore —

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Göteborgs Rapé Limited Edition 2018

Göteborgs Rapé Limited Edition 2018

“Indeed a real swedish summer snus!”

Göteborgs Rapé is one of my all time favorite snus. It’s the snus I began using back in the day.

I remember buying my first box (when I was still underaged) and the cashier asked me if I wanted the regular one and I said yes. Little did I know was that “regular” meant loose snus. You know the snus that doesn’t come in pouches, but the one that you have to hand bake yourself. When I left the store and realised I got the wrong one I panicked, but I took courage and went back to exchange the box for the one I wanted. Luckily enough, there wasn’t a problem. Since then Göteborgs Rapé has always been there for me. Although it’s not the one I regularly use I will always have it as my number 1.

That’s why I was thrilled that I got to try the Göteborgs Rapé Limited Edition 2018. It has the classic tobacco taste but with a touch of swedish berries. When opening the box you can feel a sweet scent of blueberries with a hint of vanilla and citrus. Indeed a real swedish summer snus! The size of the pouches are regular to the original Göteborgs Rapé.

This is supposed to be a quite stronger snus, it contains more nicotine. But honestly I can’t really feel a difference, the nicotine kicks in as it should after about 5 minutes and settles fine under the lip. I could have it in for about 45 minutes before it got too moist and drippy.

Because of my history with this particular snus, I prefer the classic and original one (well okay, my favorite is the slim pouches). But I am always open to trying new flavours, and I enjoy the innovative ideas the creators of the snus comes up with.


Enjoy guys!

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Thunder Xtreme Strong Snus – Soon available to USA!

THUNDER XTREME strong snus

“50 % stronger nicotine content than regular snus”

Dear snus lovers,

Soon, the day will come that most of you’ve been waiting for. Thunder Xtreme Strong Snus will soon be available at Northerner.com for US customers! The only strong snus approved by the FDA with a 50 % stronger nicotine content than regular snus.

A huge amount of US customers have over the years contacted us expressing their need for stronger snus options in the USA. Swedish Match have heard your prayers, and together with V2 they’ve created three different Thunder Xtreme products to match your snus desires.
– Original
– Original Strong
– Red Strong

All three products listed above will SOON be available for purchase at Northerner. We recommend you to sign up to our newsletter to be sure not to miss out on the launch of the Thunder Xtreme products.


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Jakobsson’s Limitied Edition 5-pack Swedish Snus – Northerner 20 years anniversary

“Even more limited edition? You heard right!”

We thought we could offer our customers even more limited edition to celebrate our 20 years of online service!
Two new limited edition packages from Gotlandssnus filled with either 5 cans of Jakobsson’s Wintergreen strong or 5 cans of Jakobsson’s Mint Strong.

Click here to buy Jakobsson’s Northerner 20 years Wintergreen 5-pack
Click here to buy Jakobsson’s Northerner 20 years Mint 5-pack

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Northerner.com 20 years Anniversary

Today we launch our 20 years anniversary month! 

Celebrating a birthday is normal – but normal is boring, so we celebrate our birthmonth! This means we will have great offers on a huge variety of smokeless tobacco products all September through.
Social media contest, limited edition products, weekly offers on bestsellers, Northerner anniversary video and much more. Sign up to our newsletter to be sure not to miss any offers.

Click here to shop Northerner anniversary product if you live outside of the EU and the US: Northerner CM6 – Limited Edition 

Click here to shop Northerner anniversary product if you live in the US: Northerner CM6 – Limited Edition 

Click here to shop Northerner anniversary product if you live in the EU: Thunder Ultra Frosted WD – Limited Edition



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“a lovely candy esque peppermint flavor”

Hi guys today I have a snus review for you from the all white category of Snus, which is getting ever more popular. This time it’s about G.4 Cryo Super Strong Slim.

The new can design for this Snus is an improvement over the last one in my opinion, nicer to look at.

Once you open the can you are greeted by a fairly pleasant sweet peppermint smell, without any real hints of tobacco just the tiniest amount. But trust me it is there.
The portions themselves are nice and comfortable under your lip and deliver a lovely candy esque peppermint flavor which is quite nice. The flavor lasts and I found that these portions can last up to about an hour maybe just over. The portions deliver the nicotine hit fairly quickly and that is always a bonus.

This is a good all white Snus product with a nice nicotine strength of roughly 17.6mg a portion so not the strongest Snus you can get, but is the strongest all white Snus available.

Overall I enjoyed it and it scores a solid,

Kind Regards,

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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.